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I have just been reminded via Home Counties Boxer Welfare of a very good charity which, like HCBW, is run solely by volunteer staff and who work with other rescue societies to help find homes for older dogs.

Dogs Looking for Homes

The Oldies Club, as the name suggests, helps to find older dogs a happy-ever-after home and a link to all their lovely dogs looking for homes is here:     Give an Oldie a happy home

Information about adopting an Oldie

And for more information about adopting an Olide please see here:     Adopt an Oldie

My personal favourite


As an ex-Boxer owner, the dog who won my heart (but sadly I can’t have due to other doggy commitments) is  beautiful 8 year old Molly from Home Counties Boxer.  Her profile is below but also you can find it on their website:

This lovely girl is called Molly. Molly is a brindle and white 8 year old girl who is looking for a home through no fault of her own. Molly currently lives in Hampshire with 3 other dogs that she gets on well with, she is good with children but cannot be homed with small furries. Molly needs an experienced home as when she is out walking she is not good with other dogs. If you feel you can give Molly her new forever home please contact Rosemary Westbrook, Telephone 01747 822345.

Please remember when considering taking on any new dog whether you have the time and financial resources to ensure both you and your dog have a happy life together.

Thank you if you are able to help an Oldie or any rescue dog to find their happy forever home and please make sure you go to a reputable rehoming centre who will have carried out temperament testing and be able to find a companion most suited to you and your home.

Sally Bartlett


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