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The Supplier

ZooPlus  (www.zooplus.co.uk ) offer a mail order service for dog food (and other animal feed) and one of my client-friends recommended this as his savings per year are substantial for buying his dog food here.

ZooPlus sell dry food, wet food, raw food and dog treats (plus other doggy merchandise).

As always, when buying your dog food please ensure you are feeding the best quality food that you can afford.  The good news is that the most expensive is not always the best for your pet as the price may just reflect all the funding put into extensive marketing!

My only minus point for this site is that I notice (along with many high-street pet-food suppliers) that they also sell cages for birds and as a person who loathes any animal being caged I would please ask people to feed wild birds rather than lock birds away in a cage – I really don’t see how the Animal Welfare Act allows this cruel practice to continue.  Lecture ended!  Please see below for more advice on dog food.

Checking the Quality of Dog Food

A very good site to check the quality of dog food is:  www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk – here you can check on each brand, ingredients, nutritional composition.  In addition to this there are many filters which help you select the right food for your dog and a big plus is that any ingredient considered not 100% healthy for your dog is highlighted in red (just click on that highlight and you will see why it has been brought to your attention).

More Information on a Healthy Diet for your Dog

For more information on finding the best diet for your dog please also see my other blog article on ‘Healthy Diets for Dogs’ (https://co-operativecanines.proimageblogs.com/healthy-diets-for-dogs-researching-your-dogs-food )


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