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                                        No time to care for a dog? Please choose the breed on the left of this photo!

Discover Dogs
Just a reminder that Discover Dogs 2017 is being held 10am – 5pm on Saturday, 21 and Sunday, 22 October 2017 at the Excel Centre, London.

This show offers a huge amount of information on the numerous UK dog breeds (just over 200 in the UK currently) and all things dog-related.

Please note, however, that it is sponsored by dog food manufacturer Eukaneba, whose  products do not rate well in comparison to other dog foods – please see the link below for more information on the food from this producer and also the site in general which has very informative articles on canine nutrition and offers a very good critique of most dog food brands available in the UK.

Please don’t accept dog food manufacturer’s clever marketing claims that their dog food is healthy  – check any product ingredients before you consider feeding it to your dog.

Consider a Rescue Dog
Also please consider a rescue dog – there are many breed specific rescue centres as well as the better-known rescue centres.  There are lots of lovely rescue dogs looking for a loving home but please be sure to ask the centre what temperament tests have been carried out and be sure that the dog breed or cross-breed that you choose will suit your home, lifestyle and knowledge of dog ownership – thank you.

Links to other Rescue Organisations
Link to Battersea’s rehoming process:

Link to Dogs’ Trust rehoming page:

And, as above, please see the link on the Kennel Club site for Breed Specific rescue organisations:

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