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If you have a dog which you are not able to walk off-lead in open spaces for any reason then the following links may be of interest to you, and your dogs will thank you for looking into this.

Between South Nutfield (near Redhill) and Smallfield

I have visited this South Nutfield field and it is a lovely area, completely fenced in, and suitable for off-lead romps for your dogs.  It is about 6 acres of meadow and mown paths so a lovely variety of areas for your dog to explore. 

Silverleigh Fields at Leigh

I have not personally visited this field but have heard good reports from other dog owners.  Another large fenced in area for your dogs to have countryside runs in.

For more enclosed dog walking locations

Follow the link, enter your postcode and how far you are willing to travel and you will find suitable locations close to you.

Training and behavioural advice to allow you to walk your dog in public places

If you would like help addressing any of the issues which prevent you currently walking your dog off-lead in open spaces then do please contact me for a chat about the problems you are experiencing and the ways in which I can help you.

Whilst I appreciate some dogs may not be suitable to socialise or enjoy free-running walks, I see many dogs which are not allowed off-lead simply due to lack of effective training or socialising and that is such a shame as it limits both your dogs’ and your own enjoyment of daily walks.

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