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Having contacted the Blue Cross myself in the past when having to go through a bereavement which I found particularly hard, I thought it would be useful to make more dog owners aware of this very worthwhile charity support via the Blue Cross, who offer support to anyone who has had to part with their beloved pet for whatever reason.

Sometimes talking to friends and family about how we feel is simply not enough, but talking to animal-lovers who have been trained to give emotional and practical support to us when we are going through a distressing loss of a much loved pet can really help.  These are trained counsellors who will give as much support as you feel you need via the method you are most comfortable with (telephone, email or contact form on their website).

All of us who love our dogs (or other pets) will know the huge loss we suffer when we have to part with them for any  reason – be it their passing away, or having to re-home due to changing circumstances – and the Blue Cross offer their emotional and practical support to help pet owners at this very difficult time.

For more details of this service please see their Pet Bereavement and Pet Loss Support page:


If you feel you cannot cope with the loss of your wonderful dog, please do not struggle on alone, but call the Blue Cross and speak to caring animal-lovers who will understand and help you.

Parting with a pet is one of the most painful experiences we go through so do not think you have to cope alone.

Sally Bartlett



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