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Summer is well and truly here and so a few ideas for some refreshing summer dog treats using your ice cube trays.


Please make sure that whenever you introduce anything new to your dogs that you do so just a tiny bit at a time to ensure it does not upset them.

First, and the simplest, just give a plain ice cube for your dog to enjoy crunching on.

Second, the above photo shows a tray of ice cubes but before filling the tray with water I have added chunks of apple or carrot so that your dog can enjoy a nice cooling crunchy ice cube and then a surprise centre for him or her!

You can fill the cube with whatever your dog likes (see my previous article on pet poisons and the link to the British Veterinary Association’s guide to pet poisons to ensure you only give safe titbits to your dogs).

Thirdly (and this is one that I tend to steal for myself!) mix yourself a fruit smoothie and freeze it in ice cubes (or a kong).  You can do this with just fruit juce or you can add a small amount of yoghurt – just a teaspoon or two to add a bit of luxury. As above, be sure to introduce to your dog a little at a time to ensure no upset stomachs.

With thanks to Canine Partners for the latter two ideas (my own Canine Partner puppy (Vogue) loves these)  – for more information on this great charity that trains dogs as assistance dogs for disabled people please see:  www.caninepartners.org.uk

Enjoy the summer ….

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