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Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest (close to East Grinstead in East Sussex) offer practical training days to help teach your dog to stop worrying sheep. These are a very good way to do such training under the guidance and safety of an experienced trainer and under controlled circumstances with sheep, and at a very reasonable price (£26).

Please note that, as with any training, this sort of training needs ongoing consistent training which must be done in a way not detrimental to the welfare of sheep.

Beware of other methods of sheep training with your dog

Please be wary of training days which offer to teach your dog to work sheep.  For pet dogs these can simply encourage a dog to chase and nip at sheep.  Unless you are going to regularly train and compete in sheepdog trials and so ensure you have complete control of your dog this sort of training should be avoided.

The Law

Worrying sheep includes:

  • Attacking livestock.
  • Chasing livestock in such a way as may reasonably be expected to cause injury or suffering to the livestock or, in the case of females, abortion, or loss of or diminution in their produce.
  • Being at large (that is to say not on a lead or otherwise under close control) in a field or enclosure in which there are sheep.

Also please be aware that all dogs, regardless of their level of training, should never be allowed off-lead near sheep and that a farmer is legally entitled to shoot a dog if he believes he had a ‘lawful excuse’ – for more on this see article by solicitor, Tim Ryan:

Also please see the government legislation on the Act which sets out the law regarding dogs and livestock:

Details of the training days at Ashdown Forest

  1. Tuesday 8th May 2018
  2. Tuesday 15th May 2018

Time:  20-minute training slots.  Throughout the day from 09:20 to 16:00

Location:  Cats Protection, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath RH17 7TT.

To book please email:

We will need name, email address, mobile number, breed and age of your dog.

Price:     £26 per dog.  Please pay on 01342 823583 to secure your booking.

Improving Obedience Training

The Ashdown Forest training, above, is specifically to teach your dog to leave sheep.  However, general training, which is essential to ensure control of your dog in any circumstances, can be done in a variety of environments and Co-operative Canines Dog Training and Behaviour can help you with this.

For general control out of the home I like to teach:

  • Stop your dog at a distance.
  • Recall your dog under any circumstances and distractions.
  • Leave any distraction on command.

For more information on my one-to-one training for your dogs please contact me (see below).

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