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A helpful temperature chart with guidelines
Knowing when it is too hot to take a dog out is really important in this weather and pet insurer, Petplan, have made up a useful little chart on their blog to clarify this:  www.gopetplan.com/blogpost/hot-weather-and-dogs

Obviously common sense should prevail and by knowing your own dog and how they cope in the heat should guide you but this chart does give clearer guidelines of when to exercise.

Continuing hot summers
As the UK weather seems forecast to continue with hot weather over the coming years then it is worth remembering the advice given by Petplan and below.

Other methods to keep your dog cool
During this recent hot weather I have been doing a few things to help:

  • Opening windows as much as possible to allow a breeze through (be careful of safety though).
  • Drawing curtains and blinds to keep out the sun.
  • Buy fans to keep air circulating (please do not aim straight at the dog).
  • If your dog has warm bedding then allow him/her access to another surface to lie on, such as a cool tiled floor.
  • Ensure your dog is able to sleep and rest in the coolest part of your home which they may not usually have access to (in which case ensure it is safe for them).
  • I use a cotton cover rather than a warmer fleece for bedding in this weather (and also in the car).
  • I give some special cool treats – see previously blog article:
  • See also my play-biting document for how to make frozen kongs:
  • For car travel in hot weather please see my previous blog:
  • Buy a special dog cooling mat (personally I have not done this but have heard good reports).
  • Fill a child’s paddling pool and let your dog paddle and you can drop vegetable treats (safe ones) in the pool to encourage your dog in and to give some entertainment when it is too hot to walk.  With paddling pools, of course make sure they are safe and that your dog can easily get in and out without injury.  Also please leave something in which would help a bird easily get out if necessary.  Or, safely cover the pool when not in use which will keep it cleaner and avoid wildlife being injured.
  • Avoid walking when it is hot – get up early and/or walk much later in the evening.
  • Walk in shady areas such as woods (as in the photo above) although when it is very hot the humidity will still make it too hot to walk.
  • If you can find shady areas with clean water then even better (photo above taken at the ‘Secret Garden’ on Ashdown Forest).
  • If you live close to a beach then a cool sea breeze and a paddle may be possible – just be careful of the hot sand as that can burn paws.
  • Or when it is just too hot to walk at all, you can give entertainment by other methods – see my play-biting blog for ideas:
  • Also keep your dog brushed and combed to reduce a build up of excess hair and/or take them to the groomers to be clipped.
  • If your dog enjoys being hosed off, then hose with lukewarm or cool water.

If your dog is showing signs of heat stroke then you must take him/her to the vet immediately.

More tips?
If you have any more tips on how to keep your dog cool, please add them to this blog.

Wishing you a happy and safe August!

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